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2018 Delaware All-State Boys Lacrosse




Name                                     Position                     School                                Grade


Will Niebrzydowski             Attack                       Dover                                   12

Patrick Drake                       Attack                       Salesianum                           12

Eric Pincus                           Attack                       Wilmington Friends             12

Mitchell Moyer                    Attack                       Archmere                             11

Brett Hobbs                          Midfield                    Salesianum                          12

Demetrius Stevenson           Midfield                     Caesar Rodney                    12

Markus Cook                        Midfield                    Delaware Military               12

Peyton McNeill                    Midfield                    Wilmington Friends             11

Colin Fowler                        Defense                     Salesianum                          11

Chad Connors                      Defense                     Wilmington Friends            12

Christian Kobosko               Defense                     Delaware Military               12

Colin Kennedy                     Defense                     Salesianum                          10

Liam Zolper                         FO                             Cape Henlopen                    12

Chad Cannon                        LSM/DM                  Salesianum                          11

Brady Emmi                         Goalkeeper                Salesianum                          12





Second Team


Tommy Bloom                      Attack                         Sanford                                 11

Luke D’Ambrogi                  Attack                         Cape Henlopen                     11

Noah Longest                       Attack                         Caesar Rodney                     12

Cole Bauer                            Midfield                    Archmere                               11

Tre Tillman                           Midfield                    MOT Charter                         12

Jack Dennis                           Midfield                    Cape Henlopen                      11

River Harper                         Midfield                    Wilmington Friends               12

Cole Palmer                          Defense                     Dover                                     12

Brooks Buck                         Defense                     Cape Henlopen                      12

Myles Lawrence                   Defense                     Caesar Rodney                       12

Tim Lucky                             FO                            Sanford                                    9

Nate Ruhl                              FO                            Wilmington Friends               12

Nicholas Redd                      LSM/DM                   Wilmington Friends              10

Cole Hiller                             Goalkeeper               Tatnall                                    11




Third Team


Connor Garrison                   Attack                         Appoquinimink                   10

Logan Falconetti                  Attack                         Salesianum                          11

Cooper Urban                       Attack                         Salesianum                          12

Ian Noonan                           Midfield                    St. Mark’s                             12

Brad Santore                         Midfield                    Salesianum                           11

Jamison Young                     Midfield                    Caravel                                  10

Ryan Whelan                        Defense                     Archmere                              12

Jared Pheasant                      Defense                     St. Georges Tech                   11

Nolan Brockmeyer               Defense                     Caesar Rodney                      11

Zane Fracek                          FO                               Archmere                            11

Tim Kelley                            LSM/DM                     Cape Henlopen                  12

Evan McCleary                     LSM/DM                     Caesar Rodney                   11

Mitch Meckley                      Goalkeeper               Appoquinimink                     12






Honorable Mention


Josh Cosden                         Attack                         Caesar Rodney                     12

Pat O’Brien                          Attack                         Polytech                                12

Gabe Best                            Attack                         Cape Henlopen                       9

Campbell Garrison              Midfield                    Appoquinimink                       12

Zach Trabaudo                     Midfield                    Polytech                                  12

Jared Wagenhoffer              Midfield                    Caesar Rodney                         12

Kai Taylor                            Midfield                    Wilmington Charter                12

Nate Ruoss                           Defense                     Tatnall                                     10

Luke Marshall                     Defense                     A.I. DuPont                             12

Cam Marion                        Defense                     Salesianum                              10

Garrett Myre                        Goalkeeper               Caravel                                   12